Alarms from your IT infrastructure

Knowing that something has happened is not enough; you have to know when, where, and why. op5 Monitor provides detailed alarm information about issues that have risen, shortening the time for mean-time-to-repair by up to 80%. All applications and network devices continuously send messages about things that are happening in the network. Having proper filtering and event correlation is critical in order to ensure service quality and the ability to quickly respond to exceptional situations.

Efficient work-flow

By using the detailed information in op5 Monitor to correlate events, the time needed for a resolution can be reduced. op5 Monitor suppresses all host alarms that come from hosts behind a faulty one, thus shortening mean time to repair and enabling a more streamlined and efficient work-flow.

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"We are extremely satisfied, we receive relevant alarms and things function as we expected them to."

Gustaf Winther

Arla Foods

Act on alarms before the problem affects the business

The extensive set of functions that our network monitor gives you, can find and handle any problem that may arise in your IT environment, maximizing uptime and improved quality in your IT operations, while minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Downtime causes more problems than the mere lack of productivity. op5 lets you stay in control over all of your systems by keeping you on top of potential problems and allows you to act on alarms before the problems get out of hand. op5 Monitor can monitor changes in your IT environment, send alarms and notifications that lets you catch small issues that in the end will cause problems for your business.

"The time savings provided by op5 in the event of system downtime and other incidents is invaluable. Just one incident is enough to cover the entire investment in our new monitoring platform"

Gustaf Winther

Arla Foods