ERP monitoring

ERP monitoring

The need for communication services within a business is rapidly changing which creates new challenges for ERP-systems. Single machines of the past have evolved into multi-server solutions requiring different operating systems, databases and web servers. One bad IP connection or a full buffer in any of the applications can pull the breaks on the entire ERP system.


Monitoring of SAP, IFS, Movex

op5 Monitor ERP monitoring capabilities provides you with a highly flexible monitoring system that can be customized to suit the needs of your business. Monitoring your ERP system such as IFS, SAP and Movex with op5 Monitor gives you control of your business critical systems. op5 Monitor visualize dependencies, alert on any upcoming abnormalities, shortening mean time to repair. The detailed SLA-reports keeps you fully informed if your service level agreements are being met. op5 Monitor also provides you with trend analysis data which helps you plan for future investments.

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op5 Monitor offers

  • Monitoring of ERP systems such as SAP, IFS and Movex
  • Event correlation automation and error detection on all physical hardware as well as on most software and operating systems such as NT/Unix/Linux/OS400 and Solaris.
  • Early warning if processes or infrastructure experience abnormalities
  • Faster mean time to repair thanks to detailed notifications and simple relation mapping.
  • Centralized logging from all hardware, software and operating system with direct compliance for SOX, PCI, BITS
  • The open-source based architecture enables modifications and customizations.

"op5 Monitor is based on a widely distributed open source platform, which means that there are enormous amounts of knowledge and plug-ins available. It is also pretty easy to make your own plug-ins, which gives us great flexibility when we are faced with customer-specific requirements"

Gusten Hoffman