Features for IT professionals

op5 Monitor is packed with features to make life in the IT department easier.

Server monitoring

op5 Monitor allows you to easily monitor all kinds of servers and provides alerting, reporting and visualization. op5 Monitor can monitor physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid types of server environments as well as all layers needed to ensure a high quality of service.

Server Monitoring

Virtual monitoring

Monitor virtual resources and infrastructure such as VMware ESX and vSphere, KVM, Citrix Zen and Microsoft HyperV. op5 Monitor lets you monitor your virtual environment as well as your physical servers and presents the reported data in a easy to understand way, so you can make sense of how your virtual environment is actually performing alongside your other services.

Virtual monitoring

Cloud monitoring

A public, private or a hybrid cloud is nothing without proper IT monitoring. Unified visibility, control and awareness into your entire cloud infrastructure is required to handle cloud operations. op5 Monitor provides you with an in-depth insight to your cloud infrastructure and their relationships, all displayed in a unified view, including standard checks for both PaaS (Amazon etc) and SaaS (Google apps etc).

Cloud monitoring

Open source

op5 Monitor is based on, and plug-in compatible with, the popular and frequently awarded Open Source project Nagios*. We offer our users a product that combines the flexibility and freedom of open source with reliability and sustained support.

Open Source monitoring


op5 Monitor was specifically designed to be a flexible and scalable solution, able to handle very large volumes of monitored devices and checks, as well as being optimized to achieve very low per-device overheads. op5 Monitor can handle distributed monitoring, load sharing and scale to several thousands of op5 Monitor Peers with automatic failover from pollers.

Scalable monitoring

Unified monitoring

If you have a large or business critical IT-network, a unified view is key to successful IT management. Having all of your network data easily accessible and understandable in a single dashboard view keeps you informed not only of your networks current health, but also where actions might need to be taken in the future.


Unified monitoring

Data center monitoring

Data centers are evolving from what you previously could see and touch to a synergy of both physical and virtual server performance, virtualized switches and networks, application performance and unified computing storage. It is a daunting task manage and monitor data centers and even more difficult to understand what’s performing according to plan and what’s not since most data centers have multiple data center monitoring tools.

Performance monitoring

op5 Monitor presents detailed information about the performance of thousands of devices and interfaces in your network. From a single user interface, you can drill down into any element on your network to see exactly what’s happening.

Performance montioring

Reporting & visualization

A thorough monitoring system that collects vast amounts of data from your entire IT environment is great, but what gives it real value is the ability to visually present the data in easy-to-understand reports that can easily be shared and understood throughout your business.

Reporting & visualization

Application monitoring

Without proper monitoring of applications, you might not discover the root cause of a slow mail server or extremely long loading times for your website, because you’re only monitoring the network devices. Application performance monitoring ensures the productivity of your business.

Application Monitoring

Business service management

op5 Monitor includes BSM functionality that enables you to manage, monitor and measure information technology as it relates to an organization’s business processes. Instead of just concentrating on the status of servers, printers, networks, or other technical components, the company is able to focus on the health and performance of critical business processes such as sales, order processing, production and payroll and how they are connected to underlying IT infrastructure.

Business Service Management

Event correlation

The more complex the network is and the more applications that are distributed, the more event messages, alarms and alerts the appliances will generate. Knowing that something has happened in your network is not enough – you have to know when, where, and why.  Identifying events and reacting efficiently is one of the best and easiest ways of saving money in an IT organization.

Event Correlation

Network monitoring

Is your department spending too much time and resources on “putting out fires”? Not having enough time for the proactive work which prevents issues from becoming problems? This situation creates a negative spiral, wasting time, money and competence on the wrong tasks, leading to even greater lack of time to spend on preventive work.

Network Monitoring

Integrated logserver monitoring

op5 Logger is an integrated logserver that adds an effective and secure log handling to your op5 Monitor solution. op5 Logger will help you to centralize your logs in one easy-to-manage location, to enhance your security and data integrity and to meet compliance requirements.

Logserver monitoring