op5 Monitor Poller

op5 Monitor Poller

icon_puzzle_poller_kAn op5 Poller is an intelligent local data collector that provides specific functionality to further enhance control when having multiple sites. By adding op5 Monitor Poller you maintain centralized control while achieving great scalability and performance.

The Poller will execute all checks and commands in the local system and take all the collected data and send it upstream to a designated Peer. It is used for local implementation or for network security reasons.


It is easy to setup distributed monitoring with op5 Monitor and to let the system grow with your needs. A distributed setup is ideal when there is a need for wide geographical coverage and when you need a resilient system design.


Cloud Poller

A poller can also be run in the cloud. This enables monitoring with an external perspective. This is useful for monitoring usability, application respons times and general web application availability and performance.


  • Local data collector that enhance control, scalability and performance.
  • Data is collected locally and sent to designated peer/master
  • Resilient system design.
  • Central configuration
  • Monitoring with an external perspective