The op5 extensions provide unique and specialized functionality to further enhance control. op5 Monitor Enterprise is required for the use of the op5 Extensions, except op5 LogServer.

op5 Monitor Peer

op5 Monitor Peer is an extension creating a secondary intelligent system. It enables instant load balancing and redundancy between multiple op5 Monitor Peers to create a scalable and nearly failure-free monitoring solution.

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op5 Monitor Poller

op5 Poller is an intelligent local data collector that provides specific functionality to further enhance control over multiple sites. By integrating the op5 Monitor Poller extension, you maintain centralized control while enjoying great scalability and performance, with no limits.

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op5 Cloud Extension

op5 Cloud extension can be deployed off-site (like this one), in-house or as a hybrid of both, supporting a fully distributed and load-sharing enterprise solution. The op5 Cloud extension makes it possible to see how crucial business applications function end-to-end from an “outside in” perspective.

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Download op5 Monitor Extensions product sheet (.pdf)