Monitoring NetApp Systems

Monitoring NetApp add-on

NetApp-logoQuorum Consulting GmbH has developed an effective add-on for monitoring NetApp systems. NetApp environments are used for mission and business critical applications and, although NetApp systems are easy to administrate, additional NetApp monitoring is an essential tool in daily operations.



Administrators that use inefficient, SNMP-based monitoring systems for NetApp are generally unable to access the extensive information available through the NetApp API, lacking the ability to automatically adapt to changes in the environment. Furthermore, they do not utilize the standard authentication mechanisms of your NetApp systems.


Dynamic configuration

With the NetApp add-on, all implemented and volatile instances such as aggregates, volumes, SnapMirror relationships and so forth, are discovered automatically and monitored dynamically – minimizing the often error-prone task of adding or updating the op5 Monitor service configuration. This helps to reduce the risk of configuration errors or missing out on important configuration items that require monitoring.


Secure access

All Quorums plugins access the NetApp systems using standard authentication mechanisms based on HTTPS and use the NetApp API. Therefore, overall stability is improved as there is no dependency on SNMP, SSH or other protocols. All user-related data is saved in a text file which can then be used for all plugins and transferred encrypted.


Key Benefits

The plugins monitoring capabilities help you and your organization to monitor NetApp systems proactively and act on upcoming events faster, to increase availability.

Using thresholds to warn and using our monitoring for trend analysis over longer periods reduces time required to monitor systems and forecast future demands.

Rather than using SNMP, this add-on utilizes the NetApp API to gain access to all vital information of your NetApp infrastructure, using standard authentication and data retrieval mechanisms.

Feature requests to meet your specific needs can be discussed with Quorums developers and implemented very quickly.

With a long-term roadmap and continuous development, your investment is protected for the future.

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