JIMO – JIRA Integration

JIRA issue and bug tracker integration for op5 Monitor


JIMO is an integration Add-on for JIRA, developed by Mogul. JIRA is an issue and bug tracker system from Atlassian that, in cooperation with the JIMO integration Add-on and op5 Monitor, makes it possible to automatically create issues and direct links in your issue tracking system. JIMO enables two-way communication between op5 Monitor and JIRA and ensures automatic updates of issues from JIRA, while service and monitoring statistics are presented in real time.



JIMO connects op5 Monitor with JIRA

  • Create issues automatically
  • Acknowledge monitoring alarms directly from JIRA
  • Access status and statistics inside your JIRA projects


JIMO for JIRA 6 is the ideal solution to provide IT operations teams, DevOps and your Service Desk with the right tools to perfect their way of working and, in turn, achieve more efficient processes and SLA compliance. Combing two state-of-the-art IT management systems makes it possible to share responsibilities and information by delegating, prioritizing and working together on problems in your infrastructure and environments.


Two-way communication JIRA – Monitoring system

With JIMO, you get full integration and two-way communication between JIRA and op5 Monitor. JIMO listens to all events in op5 Monitor, and instantly creates issues in JIRA when problems are identified on your hosts and services. When things get back to normal, the issue is updated accordingly. JIMO matches statuses with workflow steps and problem types with priorities. Components, issue types, comments and reporters are configured per JIRA project.


When the JIRA issue is being worked on, changes are communicated back to op5, and problems are acknowledged and commented. JIMO keeps both systems synchronized at all times!


Easy installation directly in JIRA

Install JIMO directly in JIRA and connect it to op5 Monitor. In a few easy steps, you can be up and running, monitoring selected hosts and services from your JIRA projects. All without any additional configuration in your monitoring servers! JIMO Monitoring Integration for JIRA is available as a 30 day trial, so you can start your evaluation immediately in JIRA. It’s easy to combine with an evaluation of JIRA and op5 Monitor.




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