Adaptive thresholds with Bischeck

Adaptive thresholds with Bischeckbischeck_4_3_small

Bischeck is an open source project which provides monitoring of applications and processes with dynamic behavior. By collecting monitored data, Bischeck can create adaptive thresholds based on any combination of the collected data, enabling baselines that are dynamic and adapt to business load. Threshold profiles can also be defined for different time periods, like a certain day of month and week, to support different expected baselines.

Integration possibilities

Bischeck integrates with any op5 Monitor distributions by sending service state and performance data through passive checks. op5 Monitor manages the visualization and notification of the alarms in the usual excellent op5 Monitor way. Bischeck also integrates with data visualization systems like OpenTSD and Graphite to provide visual analysis of the captured data.


Static or dynamic threshold?

Business load is never static: the load varies throughout the day, week and month, which means you run the risk of receiving too many, or too few, alarms depending on which threshold you set. Setting a threshold curve on the measured value of the load allows you to foresee high and lows in a highly effective manner.



Static threshold – Adaptive threshold

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