op5 Monitor Add-ons

Add-ons for op5 Monitor are typically developed by partners or other software dev companies to extend or integrate op5 Monitor. We recommend these high quality op5 Monitor Add-ons.

JIMO integration Add-on for JIRA

JIMO is an integration Add-on for JIRA, developed by Mogul. JIRA is an issue and bug tracker system from Atlassian that, in cooperation with op5 Monitor and the JIMO integration Add-on, makes it possible to automatically create issues and direct links in your issue tracking system. JIMO enables two-way communication between op5 Monitor and JIRA and ensures automatic updates of issues from JIRA, while service and monitoring statistics are presented in real time.

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NetApp Monitoring

Quorum Consulting GmbH has developed an effective add-on for monitoring NetApp systems. Administrators that use inefficient, SNMP-based monitoring systems for NetApp are generally unable to access the extensive information available through the NetApp API, lacking the ability to automatically adapt to changes in the environment. This Add-on uses the API to provide advanced, adaptive monitoring of NetApp Systems.

About NetApp Add-On

Adaptive thresholds with Bischeck

Bischeck is an open source project with the goal to provide monitoring of applications and processes with dynamic behavior. Bischeck integrates with any op5 Monitor distributions by sending service state and performance data through passive checks. op5 Monitor manages the visualization and notification of the alarms in the usual excellent op5 Monitor way.

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