The History of OP5

All great success stories come from conquering challenges, overcoming obstacles, and resolving problems that were previously viewed by some as overwhelming. OP5 has a wonderful history that confirms this truth. Our company was born out of a collaboration of two innovative individuals who were not afraid to transform extreme challenges into opportunities. After twelve years of helping customers take control of their IT monitoring, through hard work and determination, that opportunity developed into an international business serving customers in over 40 countries.


Clear Vision

Jan Josephson and Fredrik Åkerström were jointly involved in a large network management project during a boom in the Telecom industry in early 2001. A “vision” of what “could” be done was then being sold as a complex and expensive monitoring solution. They clearly saw the need for true IT monitoring solution that could be flexible, scalable, unified, and able to address those challenges while being very easy to use.


Consulting Business

The partners then discovered an open-source project developed by Ethan Galstad called NetSaint, which is now known as Nagios*. Josephson and Åkerström combined the Nagios core with different plug-ins and add-on’s developed by the open-source community to build a network monitoring solution that could meet the specific need of the customer. This development prompted Josephson and Åkerström to launch a consultancy firm in 2001 which continued to build, add, and expand on features specific to the needs of enterprise.


Growth and Development

Josephson and Åkerström focused on making their solution easier to use, faster to install, and have the ability to scale to large IT environments. They also realized during their development that the open-source solution lacked vital components to make it an attractive solution for use in the enterprise market. The team worked hard and constantly made improvements to the product.


The Birth of OP5

Over time this new monitoring solution became a success in the market. The customer base increased which demanded additional resources and time from the consultancy business. Josephson and Åkerström decided to direct their primary focus towards building a company around this exciting product. In 2004 OP5 AB was born.


A Decade of Success

OP5 celebrating its 12th anniversary in June 2016. We have grown into an internationally established business with customers and partners in over 40 markets. Over a decade later, different version of the OP5 Monitor software product monitors everything from the smallest business critical IT environments to the large enterprise organization with assortments of distributed hardware devices, multi-function applications and diverse technical services.