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Vanderlande is a world leader in automated material handling systems and services for airports, distribution centres and postal sortation facilities.

OP5’s relationship with Vanderlande began when we started monitoring their internal business systems, but later progressed with Vanderlande integrating OP5 Monitor with their baggage automation product as part of their advanced monitoring solution.

The solution they developed monitored severs, storage and databases to provide early warnings before critical capacity limits were reached. This required a sophisticated control system, which in Vanderlande’s case consisted of a number of Linux and/or Windows servers with related storage and communication systems.

An important task of the advanced monitoring solution was to ensure that the systems  readily act on external information such as planned, delayed and changed departures to ensure that nothing gets stuck resulting in the queue  growing to an uncontrollable level.

Adaptability and Scalability

During the course of the project op5 Monitor has shown to be well suited for this type of integration with complex industrial systems. Not least because it is very easy to adapt op5 to inevitable product changes. Other positive aspects are scalability, Vanderlande’s installations comprise everything between 25 – 1 200 licenses, and op5’s inherent user-friendliness. The latter greatly facilitates the training of end-users’ operations personnel.

About Vanderlande

Vanderlande Industries is dedicated to improving its customers’ business processes and competitive position by providing automated material handling systems and services. Focus is to improve our customers’ logistics processes and increase their logistics performance today, tomorrow and throughout the entire life cycle. Our systems and associated services enable fast, reliable, labor-saving goods handling in distribution centers and parcel and postal sortation facilities, as well as for baggage handling at airports. We operate locally through Customer Centers on six continents that handle all key business functions and maintain direct contacts with customers.


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