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LeoVegas, one of the most innovative leaders in the mobile gaming industry was in search of a powerful Distributed Monitoring solution for their IT operations, to support and drive the multiple technologies which they have developed in house. Being an internationally recognised and rapidly growing company headquartered in Stockholm, Leovegas’ Technical Operations Manager David Flood had a clear vision of the type of IT Monitoring Solution LeoVegas required for their continued international growth.

One of David’s and his team’s key requirements were to find a monitoring solution which had cross-platform capabilities, in addition to being a good Nagios alternative to make the transition as seamless as possible.

“We did a lot of research but in the end, the best choice for the department was OP5 Monitor due to its cross-platform capabilities and user friendliness. Being a Nagios-based system was also a huge plus, as it’s easy to find open source plugins that are compatible with OP5 Monitor.”

The team at LeoVegas had previously experienced difficulties with IT monitoring solutions that were limited in power, scope and scalability, so their need for a reliable distributed monitoring solution was a must.

“Another key draw, was that OP5 Monitor is an extremely scalable monitoring tool that functions across different operating platforms in different locations, whilst also remaining compatible with multiple other solutions. As a distributed monitoring solution, it ticked all the boxes”

For LeoVegas, like many other clients, finding a solution that allows you to take your  IT monitoring capabilities to a new level has many wide ranging benefits.

“Previously, we operated with either zero or severely limited visibility through a third party, Flood said. “Now, we have a full dashboard of instruments and indicators that enable us to control technical operations and anticipate issues before they become critical in nature to the business”

About LeoVegas

LeoVegas is a mobile gaming company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. They offer casino, live casino and sport betting to a number of international markets. LeoVegas has matured very quickly and have become the fastest growing mobile gaming company and a market leader in mobile casino.

Since 2012, LeoVegas has seen impressive recognition from the gaming industry because of the innovative gaming experience they have created and polished for the mobile platform using their self-developed, intelligent technology. LeoVegas was awarded the Grand Prize at the GP Bullhound Summit in 2015 naming them as “the most interesting and high performing tech company in 2015”. In addition to the awards won by the organization in the years since their founding, LeoVegas has won nine awards in 2016 alone.

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