Behold the Awesome Power of Template Inheritance!

by Jim Greenway 15 January Support

Several members of the OP5 team contribute to our blog with short articles providing information about how to maximize the capabilities of OP5 Monitor. In this blog post, Dante Blando, Technical Support Americas at OP5, contributes a short article about “The Awesome Power of Template Inheritance”. I’ve now been at OP5 for a year and […]


How IT Professionals are using Social and Business Networking

by Jim Greenway 25 November Support

Social media has changed the way we communicate and collaborate, not just personally but professionally as well. IT professionals are no exception and in some areas, they are leading the charge. In the past, the best ways to interact with other IT professionals was primarily through professional associations or industry events. The problem was while […]


Monitoring Servers with OP5: Reducing False Positives

by Jim Greenway 5 November Support

Several members of the OP5 team contribute to our blog with short articles providing information about how to maximize the capabilities of OP5 Monitor. In this blog post, Jon Cavanaugh, Sr. Technical Engineer at OP5, contributes a short article about reducing false positives by monitoring your servers with OP5 Monitor. We know this article will prove to be helpful. Jon is a valued member of the OP5 team and […]


Five Monitoring Challenges of Rapid Growing IT Organizations

by Jim Greenway 18 October Support

It’s not difficult to find a monitoring solution. In fact, within 10 seconds, you can open a browser, search and receive hundreds of responses and solution options. Most of these solutions solve the common requirements for small to medium organizations. There are even those which pursue a higher calling and provide additional features such as […]


Automation = Sensation

by Jim Greenway 5 October Support

Automation is a hot buzzword which exists today during most IT project discussions. It comes in many shapes and forms. There are many drivers but to summarize it in two: Save resources and money by automating the most simple, recurring tasks. Improved support for the agile business, hence take away the often cumbersome and long lead times in traditional IT operations. The overall list […]


Getting Comfortable with the Linux Back-End

by Jim Greenway 5 September Support

The OP5 team works hard to provide our customers with the most powerful IT monitoring solution in the industry. Dante Blando, OP5’s resident Linux guru has authored the following article which hopes to raise great questions, promote creative thought and productive conversations. Sit Back and Relax… I provided my Windows confessional in my last update. This time we’re going to […]


Security is Not an Obstacle to Effective Cloud Deployments

by Jim Greenway 5 August Support

In a previous blog post we mentioned the Open Source Collaboration Journey and we discussed the fact that KVM and OpenStack were particularly well suited to handle the scalability challenges in hybrid IT infrastructures. At the same time, we’re seeing an even more critical requirement emerging in cloud computing and that is the ability to […]