OP5 Monitor 7.3.4: Logger not cleaning out old log data

December 22, 2016 Fredrik Mikker

We found a flaw in Logger in the 7.3.4 release of OP5 Monitor where the retention time would not be honored.

This only affects users running version 7.3.4 version of OP5 Monitor.



Since Logger isn’t rotating out old data honoring the value “Keep in database for”, the disk usage may increase drastically, and in some cases where Logger is the receiver of log data from many devices, it can fill up the disk entirely.



Update to the latest version of the package op5-logserver-db via yum:

# yum clean metadata
# yum update op5-logserver-db


Additional Information

You can read more about it in the reported issue: https://jira.op5.com/browse/MON-9958