Full control and major IT cost savings at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Försäkringskassan, is responsible for a significant part of the public social security systems in Sweden. The agency evaluates and decides about 40 different benefits and compensations. The agency is also paying authority for the Pension Authority, handling around 470 billions Swedish crowns (70 billion dollars) every year. 13 400 employees work at the agency head office, IT department and in customer service centers around Sweden.


”As we handle large amounts of money, our IT operations have accessibility requirements at the same level as a bank.”


Jan Israelsson, IT-architect at Försäkringskassan



Cost efficiency drives change

In late 2011, Försäkringskassan’s Unix department decided to conduct a review with the goal to find a new monitoring solution for the IT environment. The need for a more cost-efficient solution and improved capacity planning at the Unix department soon led to a feasibility study exploring the possibility of standardizing on op5 Monitor in a wider perspective. The pilot study resulted in a decision to introduce op5 Monitor on a larger scale. To date, three IBM Tivoli platforms and all Nagios-systems have been replaced in benefit of op5 Monitor. The investment paid for itself in less than one year, with annual savings in the millions.


– The transition to op5 Monitor has given us significant savings in terms of license fees. Moreover, we have been able to streamline our administration with the help of a unified and highly automated systems. op5 Monitor is a complete and flexible product that meets our needs very well, says Jan Israelsson, infrastructure specialist at Försäkringskassan.

op5 monitor integrated in the existing it environment

The migration to op5 Monitor was motivated not only in financial terms. Other factors impacting the decision were easy access to support, scalability of the solution and simplified management. Another important advantage of op5 Monitor was the simplified integration to Försäkringskassan’s existing infrastructure, supported by well documented APIs.


Today the insurance agency monitors Linux/AIX/Solaris-based servers, a large number of DB2 databases and network components such as routers, switches, both centrally and at the local offices around Sweden. In total the monitoring solution covers 3500 nodes, placing high demands on system performance. The solution is also used to monitor log files. Over thousand different controls manage utilization degrees, backups and secure that transaction queues don’t get too long.

Flexibility allows for creative enhancements

op5 Monitor has proven to be a very flexible system. There is also a vast amount of knowledge and experience available in online communities as well as a wide range of third-party plugins to use and to be inspired by.


– Your imagination is basically the only limitation for what you can accomplish with op5 Monitor. We have addressed all our requirements for a monitoring solution and been able to automate many processes. For example, new virtual servers are automatically added to the monitoring solution the moment they are created, says Jan Israelsson.


– The product has also continued to evolve in the right direction during the time we have used it. op5 Monitor 6.0 also offered a major boost in terms of performance. The combined benefits of reduced cost, simplified integration and good management have streamlined our IT operations in a favourable way, says Jan Israelsson.

Reliable partner

– op5 is exactly the kind of partner we need to monitor and control our entire IT environment with one unified tool. Support issues are handled flawlessly. We regularly have meetings where we jointly go over our plans, requirements and needs related to the solution as well as following up support requests and incidents. We are very pleased with op5 and continue our efforts to standardize our IT management around this flexible product, ends Jan Israelsson.

Quick facts

Industry:  Bank & Finance, Insurance, Public sector

The challenge:  To replace an existing management system and meet the highest standards of monitoring and performance.
The solution: op5 Monitor Enterprise, a scalable product enabling unified monitoring with good integration capabilities.
The result:  A cost-effective, robust, scalable monitoring environment that is easy to control and adapt to new requirements