New monitoring system ensures trouble-free IT operation with M-net

M-net offers language services, on-line services and data services based on its own glass-fibre network. The area supplied includes Greater Munich, the Nurnberg conurbation, the Allgäu and Swabia. As op5 Partner in the German-speaking area the Munich IT full-service provider ConSol* supports the company M-net in the conception, provision and operation of all op5 Components.

In order to obtain better transparency regarding availability and efficiency of its IT systems and to safeguard them in the long term by means of fine-tuned monitoring, M-net has decided to introduce a new monitoring system. Its choice for this was the op5 Monitor solution of the Swedish software house op5 and the Munich IT full-service provider ConSol*. With its competence and experience in the field of open source monitoring, its Nagios know-how and its partnership with op5, ConSol* was chosen in an extensive selection procedure.
Within the framework of this collaboration ConSol* has replaced the antiquated Nagios monitoring system at M-net, converting it to op5 Monitor, and harmonizing and expanding it. Today some 11,000 checks (individual monitoring queries) ensure the frictionless functioning of the IT systems at M-net.

“We were looking for a uniform solution that would give us simple administration and, above all, facilitate a clear graphic representation”

– Andreas Schachtner, system manager UNIX, IT operation and support at M-net.

“With ConSol* and op5 we struck lucky. The Munich IT service provider quickly convinced us of the solution and also of its own performance. At ConSol* we have IT expertise, advice and support from a single source in the immediate vicinity of our base.”

op5 Monitor – Futureproof Monitoring

The monitoring appliance op5 Monitor combines Nagios and its most important add-ons in a standardized solution. op5 Monitor is characterized by a modern graphic user and configuration interface as well as comprehensive SLA reporting. With op5 monitor M-net now supervises its complete business IT including the VMware environment, Oracle databases, Java applications servers, storage systems and all the network components. In the course of the conversion from the old system to op5 monitor Consol* has analysed all the existing checks and where applicable adapted, integrated and supplemented them with innumerable new ones. A total of around 11,000 checks now safeguard the functioning of the system – that is roughly ten times the number in the old system.


“op5 Monitor reports all interruptions or stoppages reliably to the department concerned. The graphic processing of the readings is of enormous support to us in identifying anomalies and relieving any performance bottlenecks before they occur”, observes Andreas Schachtner.

Monitoring as quality assurance

Supervision of internal business IT is an essential aspect of quality assurance for a telecommunications supplier such as M-net. With the increasing complexity of the IT landscape at M-net over the years the demands on the existing monitoring system rose steadily. While M-net has automated many administrative processes as far as possible, new hosts or services, for example, still have always to be configured in the monitoring system manually. There was a lack of a defined interface, over which the new monitoring objects could be simply and efficiently installed in the system. The old system was only of limited use for more complex evaluations of the availability of the infrastructure. Not least important was the lack of an integrated visualization of the measurement data and an easily operated configuration interface.

About M-net

M-net Telekommunikation GmbH was founded on 30 July 1996. As regional network operator M-net Telekommunikation GmbH supplies large parts of Bavaria and the Ulm area with futureproofed communication technology. The portfolio is therefore focused on the communications needs of business and private customers and extends from language and data services – on both fixed-line and mobile-phone networks – over complex location networking to a wide national and international radio and TV/HDTV range. As one of a small number of suppliers in Germany the enterprise operates its own fibre-glass network in large parts of Bavaria in a particularly stoppage-proof ring structure.
This modern network design allows for independence and flexibility in product development and price setting. In the area of service and availability, in particular, M-net has with its own network created far-reaching independence from other network operators.

About ConSol*

ConSol* Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH is an established Munich IT full-service provider for medium-sized customers and large corporations. The portfolio of the enterprise, which was founded in 1984 and specializes in complex IT systems includes consultancy, architecture, development, integration, and operation and maintenance. As a neutral IT consultancy ConSol* offers its customers the optimum solution – from service-oriented architecture through classic enterprise application integration to vitalization. With a head office in Munich as well as an office in Düsseldorf, ConSol* today employs around 230 people in different parts of the world and reported a total operating income of € 20.5 m in the business year 2011-12.