Efficient Operations Services for the Austrian MSP Bacher Systems


Bacher Systems GmbH is an Austrian IT integrator, with a comprehensive service portfolio for large businesses. These include a series of operational services, intended to offer greater reliability at lower cost than deploying internal staff, who require time-testedprocesses as well as efficient tools. In the heart of its service offering, op5 Monitor allows Bacher Systems to remotely monitor customers’ infrastructure and, if necessary, initiate appropriate corrective actions.


The solution is based on op5 Monitor and op5 Pollers. The system is further supported by robust incident response processes and a documentation platform.


“op5 Monitor has a number of important features that really set the product apart: it is scalable so that we can expand our customer base without creating bottlenecks, and the flexibility in terms of what can be monitored is unsurpassed.”

– Harald Fasching, Bacher Systems


“This is important as every customer has a unique infrastructure and also differ from one another in terms of how they define business critical processes” said Harald Fasching, Business Development Manager at Bacher Systems.


“We looked at competing solutions in conjunction with our procurement of a monitoring system. A number of factors led us implacably to op5: they have a clear focus on Nagios based monitoring, and they were able to demonstrate long-term resources to keep up with the rapid development that characterizes this field“ said Harald Fasching.


Rapid Deployment

Perhaps most important was the fact that most traditional monitoring tools are bulky and complex, requiring considerable time and a significant amount of consulting services to deploy. op5 is more plug and play, meaning that Bacher Systems can connect new customers and with a few mouse clicks get a fully functional monitoring system up and running.

Open Source

op5 is based on a wide-spread open source platform, with an almost endless range of plug-ins and knowledge available. Furthermore, it is easy to make your own plug-ins, which gives Bacher Systems the flexibility needed to deal with customer-specific requirements. Another important feature is the ability to create relationships and interdependencies between objects, which greatly facilitates fault isolation.


“op5 employees are of invaluable support whenever we need them. They are flexible, extremely knowledgeable and responsive. Last but not least, we appreciate their way of working with partners” said Harald Fasching.

About Bacher Systems

Bacher Systems EDV GmbH combines the benefit of highly committed employees of an owner-run Austrian company with the close corporation with leading hard- and software vendors. We support our clients to achieve their business goals by reducing the risks associated with deploying and managing complex IT-Infrastructure solutions.

Quick facts

Industry: IT infrastructure provider and Managed Service Provider (MSP)
The Challenge: Bacher Systems aim is to offer major businesses greater reliability for operational services at lower costs compared to using internal staff.
The Solution: op5 delivered a scalable system that is unsurpassed when it comes to flexibility in terms of what can be monitored.
The Result: “op5 is a cornerstone in our ability to make our customers’ IT systems support their business and ensure that everything is working as intended, with appropriate service levels.”