A Holiday Message from OP5: A Hearty Recipe for Company

December 14, 2016 Bryon Turcotte

happy_holidays_from_op5At OP5, we not only see our staff, but also our customers and partners, as the members of one big family. We feel that at this joyous time of the year, the main contributors to all our successes and the building of our future should be recognized and shouted clearly from the rooftops – to express our sincere gratitude – through a holiday message from your family at OP5.



The Right Mix Makes a Company Taste Good


The word “company” has many definitions but also may have special meaning to a specific audience or individual. One such definition reads, “a number of individuals gathered together, especially for a particular purpose“, which may or may not apply to every business or organization that may live in the market today. Another definition which contains more human texture and feeling, labels a company as, “the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment“. Both definitions contain the elements that build upon a spirit and mission that all good businesses should do their best each day to achieve. Mixing them correctly and sustaining the recipe over time takes commitment and willingness that grows from the inside out – eventually blossoming into the locking of arms with those who have invested their confidence and collaborations along the long journey of building a successful and supportive enterprise.


The Most Valuable Ingredient


As a technologically creative and innovative collective of individual members of the OP5 family, we feel that we successfully gather together each day for a particular and special purpose to develop and build great things to make our customers work better. Throughout the year, from sunny day to gloomy rain, our basic focus never changes.


We also feel strongly about the fact that our condition of being is our best quality because of our true friendships, collaborations, openness, and willingness to communicate to ultimately provide enjoyment and satisfaction, not only to us and our organization, but to our customers and those they serve for success. We look at the clock day after day and feel grateful for this looking forward to another relationship, another friendship, and another opportunity to learn how to help someone else do something better.


Our reflections confirm that we have found the great mix and recipe to define what our “company” will continue to be, but need the world to know that the most important ingredient is you – our customers and partners.  As we approach another year of challenges and triumphs, we at OP5 realize that every milestone that has been met from our founding until today was made possible by the support of customers, partners, friends, and associates exactly like you.


On behalf of everyone at OP5, best wishes, peace, joy, and happiness to all of you and your families during this holiday season. We are confident that you will see much prosperity and success throughout the New Year and into the future.


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Happy Holidays from the entire OP5 Team.