Our story

As with the story behind many companies, op5 sprang from a problem and in this case, two innovative individuals seeing the problem as an opportunity. Ten years later, the opportunity has been developed into an international business, serving customers in over 40 countries.

The start of op5

In the early days of 2001, during the booming Telecom Industry, Jan Josephson and Fredrik Åkerström were jointly involved in a large network management project. A complex and expensive monitoring solution had been sold on a “vision” of what “could” be done. With the frustrating large-scale projects behind them, Josephson and Åkerström clearly saw the need for a better and more efficient solution that would address this type of challenges. They took on the challenge of finding a solution that would be easy to use, yet able to handle most of what a large framework monitoring system claimed to do, available at a reasonable price.


In the search for a cost effective yet powerful solution the partners found the Open Source Project Nagios*, back then called NetSaint developed by Ethan Galstad. By using the Nagios core, and combining it with different community developed plug-ins and add-on’s, they managed to develop a network monitoring solution that could meet customer needs. Josephson and Åkerström initially started a consultancy company in 2001, but as the newly founded company continued to develop the solution, enterprise specific features were added. Focus was on making it faster to install, easier to use and possible to scale to handle large IT-environments. Over time it also became apparent that the Open Source solution was lacking vital components to make it really attractive for enterprise usage. Customers wanted support and warranties, a structured road map for the development, better reports and improved ease of use

"From start, our goal has been to develop the best possible IT monitoring solution: flexible, scalable and cost effective for our customers. Most monitoring project starts small but tend to grow fast so scalability is a must, but also ease-of-use, including simple visualisation of complex data. Successful monitoring solutions live for years in the customer environment and professional in-house support, good manuals and a rich knowledge base for experience-sharing are also vital components of a complete solution."

Jan Josephson

Co-founder and CTO

The new monitoring solution became a success in the market. The number of customers grew and took more and more resources and time from the consultancy business. Early in 2004 the founders took the decision to focus on building a product company and op5 AB was established.


Celebrating 10 years

In June 2014 op5 is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. From a high-tech start-up the company has grown into an internationally established business with customers and partners in over 40 markets.


Today, op5 Monitor monitors everything from small but business critical IT environment to the very largest organization with distributed hardware, applications and services. The solution has gained recognition for being open and easy to get started with yet flexible for developing customer needs.

"We would never have gotten to where we are today without a close cooperation with our customers and partners. Continuous discussions and constant feedback, both good and bad, from the strong op5 community has been and will always be key to the success of our company."

Jan Josephson

Co-founder and CTO

  • Founded in 2004
  • Offices in: Stockholm HQ, Gothenburg, Munich and USA
  • Investors: KTH Chalmers Capital, POD Investment
  • 3 years consecutive AAA credit rating
  • Red Herring Top 100 Global winner 2013
  • Red HerringTop 100 Europe 2012
  • Participating member in
    • The Linux foundation
    • Open Virtual Alliance
    • Neamon project
    • Redhat Advanced independent  software partner

*Nagios is a trademark owned by Nagios Inc.