VM Sistemi

The company was born in 1984 as a Software House and we still carry on this business. The software is an ERP dedicated to specific Vertical Markets. In 2008 the company has merged with another one whose business was IT infrastructure. Since then, VM Sistemi is conducting both lines of business. We believe that monitoring is a fundamental activity that every IT manager should plan for.

Our offering includes stand-alone installations as well as monitoring as a service and OP5 has a licensing model for both of them. Our “know how” depends on the continued evolution of the relationships with our customers, with whom we share experiences, objectives and results in the name of continued growth. Our “will to do” comes from the passion for new technology, the curiosity and the desire to understand how and in what way the “new” can help our customers to achieve substantial growth of their business. Reliability, professionalism, maximum expertise, customer focus and continuous development are our main strengths.



Fabrizio Zama
Phone: +39 (0) 54 668 9511

Homepage: www.vmsistemi.it

by Maria Alriksson 1 March