Transitiv Technologies

Transitiv Technologies specialise in providing IT solutions for heterogeneous network, hardware and application monitoring and business critical support, training and development for Linux, Unix and Open Source.

Utilising state of the art Open Source applications our Systems Monitoring and Network Management solutions monitor companies’ IT infrastructures to ensure systems, applications, services and business processes are functioning at optimum efficiency, enabling customers to become pro-active in supporting their systems, rather than reactive.

We firmly believe in promoting the use of Linux and Open Source software by fulfilling the needs of businesses who wish to deploy them but don’t have the necessary skills in-house or the time available to make it a happen.

For companies considering or already running Linux, UNIX or Open Source, Transitiv offer genuine Open Source technical expertise for your business.



Transitiv Technologies Ltd
Creative Industries Centre, Wolverhampton Science Park
Wolverhampton WV10 9TG
United Kingdom

Simon Bowring
Email: info@transitiv.co.uk
Phone: +44 203 384 7207

Webpage: www.transitiv.co.uk

by Maria Alriksson 1 March