Delecsys is a consultancy company specialized in helping customers within the following areas:

  • Database – Design, install and administrate large and small databases, ie Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Network – Design, install and administrate networks. This includes also management and monitoring services.
  • Backup – Design, install and administrate backup solutions, ie TSM.
  • Server – Design and administration of individual or virtual servers. We have a special knowledge within the area of “High Availability”.
  • Sourcing – We also provide various sourcing services for our customers.

Delecsys work in partnership with their customers to identify and implement sustainable business improvements enabled by IT-technology.



Första Långgatan 19
413 27 Göteborg

Anders Klamer, CIO
Email: anders.klamer@delecsys.se
Phone: +46-31-788 15 80

Webpage: www.delecsys.se

by Maria Alriksson 1 March