The AddPro Group conducts business in the IT sector and was established in 2000. The group has expanded substantially and has steadily grown with profits and is currently represented in Malmö (HQ), Stockholm, Göteborg, Helsingborg, Kalmar and Örebro. The AddPro Group currently consists of seven business areas within the infrastructure business. Currently (September 2008), the group has approx. 160 employees, 130 of whom are consultants working in one of the group’s business areas.

AddPro is a leading knowledge company with a strong market focus and a high level of competence. AddPro’s most important assets and competitive means are the collected knowledge and competence as to how Infrastructure, Network and Security should be designed, implemented and developed with respect to services as well as products. When this structure is established in the customer organisation, AddPro has the same collected knowledge within the Applications business area.

Companies and organisations are ever more dependent on a functioning and secure information handling. Today, the right information, at the right time, to the right individual is crucial as a competitive means for companies and organisations, regardless of line of business. For the customers, AddPro builds a functioning infrastructure, in which to transport the information; AddPro secures the information and build applications or implement standard applications for the operation in a way that assumes making the investment future-compliant and minimises operation costs and uncertainty. Accessibility, scalability, security and responsibility are enduring components included in the solutions from AddPro.



AddPro AB (HQ)
Stenbärsgatan 6
212 31 MALMÖ

Johan Andersson, Manager
Email: johan.andersson@addpro.se
Phone: +46 – 40 – 59 24 00

AddPro AB (Stockholm)
Box 20152
Karlsbodavägen 9
161 02 Bromma

Johan Borgudd, Manager
Email: johan.borgudd@addpro.se
Phone: +46 08-555 366 00

Webpage: www.addpro.se

by Maria Alriksson 1 March