Get in Control of your IT stuff

Take Control of your IT

We help you as an IT professional to get in control of your IT. From the basement server to the hybrid
cloud, our open and flexible server monitoring solution delivers a unified view of your entire IT.
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”As we handle large amounts of money, our IT operations have
ibility requirements at the same level as a bank.”

– Jan Israelsson, IT-architect at Försäkringskassan

Powerful server monitoring capabilities


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Monitor everything from the cloud to the basement

We offer you a server monitoring solution that can meet the challenges with the hybridization of IT. As the IT production gets increasingly dispersed between hybrid technologies and platforms, the staying in control part gets more important and more complex than ever before.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you monitor your Hybrid IT.

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Made with your business in mind

op5 Monitor is developed with your business in mind, making it easy to create business views and to measure all parts of an important service. This also means that our user interface and reports are understandable across departments and functions, bridging the gap between the IT operations and other departments. No need to make decisions on gut feeling anymore.

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Open and flexible

We build op5 Monitor based on open source, using open standards and technologies. We combine the flexibility and freedom of open source with the reliability and support of a professional vendor. We believe this is a great way to bring value to our customers as well as to the communities we engage.

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Fast and easy to get started

Seeing is believing, which is why we try to make it easy to try and get started with op5 Monitor. You can download our free trial or spin up a cloud server for easy testing. You’ll have op5 Monitor up and running in a few minutes. We are behind you all the way, offering a free 7 days “Get Started” support, sales support via chat, mail and phone. The entry version makes it a small step to move from trial to production environment.

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Built for growth

We want op5 Monitor to be the only monitoring tool that you will ever need. Everything, from how you test the product to our packaging and pricing, is aimed to make it easy for you to grow the solution based on your needs. We have also ensured that the product itself can scale from 10 to 10s of thousands of monitored objects. op5 Monitor has been engineered from its core to outperform all competition.

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Support worth experiencing

Forget having to navigate past unqualified first line support and other gatekeepers. Just one click or call away, you’ll find our best product specialists available to help and inspire you, making our support service worth the experience.

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Screenshot gallery

  • op5_monitor_tactical_overview

    Tactical Overview in op5 Monitor

  • op5_monitor_report

    Report in op5 Monitor

  • op5_monitor_services

    List of services in op5 Monitor

  • Office_wireless

    Visualization of an office with active wireless connections

  • trafficmap

    IP traffic with utilization between sites

  • wizard

    Host Wizard - one click to add a new host with pre-defined services

  • mon63_new_manpacks

    Management Packs - one click to add a complete service set

  • ios_app_screenshots_900

    op5 Monitor iOS App

  • op5live1

    op5Live - NOC view

  • op5_monitor_7_1_user_experience_simulator_webshop

    op5 Monitor user experience simulator webshop