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op5 on Naemon, Nagios and the future

January 28, 2014

For more then ten years op5 have been deeply involved in both maintenance and core development of the Nagios core project. We have had dedicated development resources to the project, supporting events and the community as a whole. We have arranged Nagios conferences both in Sweden but also in Germany, participated with both sponsorship and… Read More

op5 Monitor 6.3 Beta available

March 18, 2014

We are proud to present op5 Monitor 6.3 Beta! op5 Monitor 6.3 is packed with new functions and features. The op5 development team has done a tremendous work and it will be fantastic to watch the success of op5 Monitor 6.3.

Holiday Greetings from op5!

December 17, 2013

We are soon at the end of 2013 and what an amazing year it has been! We at op5 want to send our sincere thanks to our customers, partners and users for your goodwill and loyalty throughout the past year and we are looking forward to meeting you next year!

Mogul, op5 and ECM monitoring ABCs

December 2, 2013

For any Enterprise Content Management organizations (ECM) performance and availability is a crucial success factor when delivering IT solutions in a multitude of areas. When ECM fails to meet these demands it is mostly due to different point solutions in a mix of IT procurements i.e multiple vendors in all layers and forms, where the… Read More

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