Continuous release allows op5 to streamline the development process

March 26, 2015 Danielle Turmel

As a product-driven company, op5 strives to continuously review how we deliver solutions to our customers and develop strategically, based on those analyses. During the last 2 years, we’ve embraced an agile development model. As a result, every iteration of op5 development delivers a new version of op5 Monitor. op5 has also worked actively with quality processes and support systems, like Continuous Integration. Read More

op5 Monitor Beta April – Release Notes

March 3, 2015 mfalkvidd

We have released op5 Monitor Beta April release. The op5 Monitor Beta April release includes security enhancements, a new API feature, updated plugins and much more. The beta release is intended for people interested in verifying that the next version will work well with your configuration or just want to try our latest stuff.

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