op5 Monitor app for iOS

August 28, 2014 amansson

We are releasing our op5 Monitor app for iOS in parallel with the op5 Monitor 7.0 release on the 10th of September. We believe that our customers need to check the status and health of their IT environment whenever, wherever so we have over the past months been developing an iOS App for op5 Monitor. Read More

Upcoming guest lecture for students

August 22, 2014 amansson

Our Academic Program provides Academic institutions the possibility to invite us to give guest lectures for their students. This time we have been invited to Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping on the 2th of September. Our Product Manager, Peter Andersson will talk about IT monitoring in general, open source and elaborate a bit about Nagios/Naemon. Read More

op5 Monitor App – released

July 4, 2014 janj

Today we go live with our first version of op5 Monitor app. This is the initial release so we have focused on getting the basic functionality in to the app. However the real difference with this app vs. the many alternatives is that all communication with the op5 system is done over the secure REST API, basically giving a much higher security. Read More

Pen Test op5 Monitor v6.3

July 1, 2014 janj

For op5, security matters. As a result of this thinking we continuously test every release from a security perspective. To help us with this, we use a third part vendor focused on security, with extensive experience of pen testing: Hexbit. Read More

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