You know you have a problem, when your IT boss asks you

October 27, 2014 Andreas Mansson

All IT organizations experience Time thieves in one way or another and you know you have a problem, when your IT boss asks you: Have we failed to act on notifications for other production systems with failing backups? So, the reason you didn’t fix our web conferencing system before the webinar, was that you were busy buying toner to our artist’s workroom? Did you really spend 8 working days on locating the reason our web-shop checkout function was broken? OK, so since you spent half of last year fixing the same problem, we haven’t even started using our new expensive storage system we bought six months ago? Read More

Deprecation notices Q3 2014

September 30, 2014 mfalkvidd

A few months have passed since our last deprecation notice. Since we are constantly adding new features to op5 Monitor, some things will have to die. Usually this is the case when we need to replace some functionality with something better but occasionally we have to remove things that are rarely used and are only costing resources for maintenance. Resources that instead could be used to improve the product. Read More

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