About op5

About op5

op5 is a market leading developer of Open Source Management solutions. op5 develops and delivers enterprise-class software for monitoring and administration of the whole IT infrastructure, from hardware and software all the way to virtual or cloud based services. Our solution, op5 Monitor comes in a turn key package that is fully supported.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a key driver in a world where IT is in control delivering IT-services as a strategic resource for better business.


Our mission is to offer products and knowledge that help IT gain control over their operations. Our goal is to be an open partner to our customers in producing and delivering IT-services that contribute to the business results.


Our Solutions & Services

Our wide range of services provided are related to IT management and monitoring. The services ranges from training to custom development and installation projects, depending on the users need.

op5 Monitors architecture supports scalability from the small and business critical IT to the very large IT with tens of thousands of actively controlled services. Though Europe is our home market, we are active on the global network management and monitoring arena with customers and partners located around the world.


We have our headquarters in Stockholm, offices in Gothenburg Sweden, Munich Germany, and partners around the world. Follow op5 on Twitter: @op5ab